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Why Talon Biomarkers

One discovery engine, countless results

Discover what is needed to connect your research into one platform
The problem 

Disconnect between CROs and R&D

Many contract research organizations struggle to provide their clients with desirable results because the science is not fully understood and the data that is generated is not easily interpreted 

Inefficient identification of important immune cells
Failure to reach proof of concept
Waste of time and resources 
Complicated data sets
Unprecise patient stratification
Weak drug development strategy
Reliance on random hit or miss strategies.
Minimal information from samples
Our solution 

A unique combination of approaches that bring deeply analyzed data, fast. 

Precise Patient Stratification

Unfortunately, many patients who receive immunotherapy don't respond to treatment. The presence of certain immune cell subsets before and during treatment may predict whether a patient will respond to therapy. 
identifying these cell types is now fast, efficient and robust with Talon Biomarkers' approach. This knowledge creates a path to precision medicine.

Better drug development strategy

By identifying the cell types that predict successful treatment, we can refine patient exclusion criteria in clinical trials, and help simplify the path to approval. 
We can also measure many different immunotherapy targets at once, in order to clearly describe the cell-by-cell distribution of immune checkpoint molecules. This work can be done in blood or tissue. This approach can be used to smartly design combination drug therapies. 

Companion Diagnostics 

Companion diagnostics are tests developed with a drug that help define ideal patient populations for treatment. 
Our biomarker discovery engine provides a robust platform for discovery of new biomarkers that can be developed into companion diagnostics. 
Without our engine, companies are left to rely on a random, hit-or-miss strategy of licensing biomarkers discovered in academic research laboratories. Our platform provides a forward looking strategy to participate in this important and lucrative market. 

Maximal information from samples

The samples collected in a trial are precious. They represent the sum of years of organizational and clinical effort, and capture a specific moment in patient's disease. 
To honor that investment we have a responsibility to obtain as much data as possible from samples.
Talon's technology platform is designed not just to maximize the data we obtain, but to obtain it robustly, and to mine it as comprehensively as possible. 
We are transforming the way we bring better and faster biomarker discovery into biomedicine.
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