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Technology Overview 

A discovery engine equipped for the future 

Discover what is needed to connect your research into one platform

The Discovery Engine.

Our Discovery engine is a fully integrated analysis network that lets our scientists conduct tailored work through our technology platform, eliminating the need for constant design change. 
       Single Cell analysis
Our platform provide a flexible environment that enables the development of new panels. We take existing panels and redesign them using a range of data science approaches - rules and correlations and statistical and mathematical techniques. 
How it works

Full service research platform

Talon Biomarkers offers experiment designing, panel development, and high-parameter, analysis that generates easy to interpret results

High-Parameter analysis  

High content flow cytometry is performed on a cutting-edge flow cytometer called BigFoot developed by Thermo Fisher. Analysis of samples are conducted under it's seven lasers and 50 detectors. 
Sorting experiments demonstrate >99% purity and yield. 

Molecular analysis

Single cell molecular analysis is conducted through BD's Rhapsody instrument. A programmable Biometra TOne thermocycler performs cDNA amplification and other PCR reactions. 
cDNA is quantified and characterized for quality on a Qubit 4 and an Agilent Bioanalyzer, respectively. 

Sample management & Informatics

Sample information and flow cytometry data is stored securely on the cloud, organized by project and date. Products of samples are barcoded for storage. 
Molecular Cytometry data is stored on the Seven Bridges data analysis platform, part of BD Biosciences integrated AbSeq Service. 
Easy to understand

Talon Biomarkers conducts the research so your team can focus on other priorities in your pipeline.

We use numerous tools in our data analysis services that help bring you closer to discovery.
The entire workflow all in one platform and fully customizable to your needs in the format you want, when you need it.

Talon connects anywhere.

Talon's network of tools continue to grow, bringing you a true all in one experience
We are transforming the way we bring better and faster biomarker discovery into biomedicine.
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