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High Parameter Immune Monitoring

Talon Biomarkers offers world-class solutions for precise and powerful biomarker discovery.

High-Parameter Cytometry

High definition flow cytometry that strikes the perfect balance between high information content and practicality 


Fast, complete, and comprehensive data analysis built to precisely identify the cell types driving patient differences

Molecular Cytometry

Deeply profile your sample, by analyzing 100+ proteins and the whole transcriptome or T/B cell receptors, cell-by-cell.

Cell Processing

Process your blood where your experiments will be performed. Precious samples ready for downstream assays. 

Talon Biomarkers is an industry leader in technology development, application, and expertise.
We use cutting-edge single-cell analysis instruments, with built-in protocols that guarantee robust and reproducible analysis.

Get to Know Us

Talon Biomarkers was founded, and is led, by Pratip K. Chattopadhyay, Ph.D.  Pratip is an internationally-recognized leader in immune monitoring and flow cytometry.  He developed the first assay for capture of live antigen-specific CD4+ T-cells, introduced quantum dots, brilliant violet, and live/dead fixable dyes, performed the first 20- and 30-parameter flow cytometry experiments, and helped develop CITE-Seq.

He has deep expertise as a translational scientist, building his career at Johns Hopkins, the NIH, and as faculty at NYU before starting Talon Biomarkers in 2021. Talon recently exapanded into a modern 3000 square-foot facility in New Jersey's pharmaceutical belt.

About / Contact
110 South Jefferson Road
Suite 104
Whippany, NJ - 07981
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