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About Us

We are Talon

Our company was built on the values of our relationships with leading experts in the industry and the communities we serve. 

How Talon came to be

Modern applications work in real-time, from security and fraud detection, to logistics, to commerce and social. The tools and infrastructure to build these systems however, are still far too complicated. Decodable grew out of the need to up-level, simplify, and accelerate the development and management of real-time applications and services.

Application developers, data engineers, and data scientists should be able to build and deploy a production real-time pipeline in minutes, without having to deal with complex concepts and infrastructure. That means making the infrastructure effectively disappear, leaving what feels like a serverless data engineering workflow that works the way they expect.

Our Vision 

Shifting single cell analysis to provide precision immunology to millions of patients. 


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Years of Industry experience
Our Founder

Pratip Chattopadhyay has a long history developing high parameter, single cell technolgy. 

Pratip is the founding Director of NYU Langone Health’s Precision Immunology Laboratory (PIL). His laboratory performed independent research in tumor immunology and provided cutting-edge immune monitoring services for a wide variety of biomedical disciplines. He specializes in high parameter cytometry technologies, including 30-parameter flow cytometry and combined protein/mRNA analysis by RNA sequencing.  Today he serves as CEO of Talon Biomarkers, spearheading the effort to provide profound biomarker analysis to the industry. 

We are transforming the way we bring better and faster biomarker discovery into biomedicine.
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4 Hilltop Rd
Mendham, NJ, 07945
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About us 
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