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Precise & Powerful Biomarker Discovery

Talon Biomarkers is a biomarker discovery engine

built to capture indicators of disease and therapy from a sea of immune cells.

We're fueled by a uniquely powerful and robust technology platform

that changes the old-school paradigm of how a contract-research organization works.

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Talon NEST : Expert cell processing. 

Your samples handled with care,

stored safely locally and ready for downstream assays.

Talon SURVEY : High-parameter flow cytometry.

20+ color flow cytometry strikes the perfect balance between

high information content and practicality.

Talon's founder has led the field, developing widely used instrumentation, reagents, and informatics. Why trust your samples with pretenders, instead of the world's experts?

Talon DEEP-DIVE : Molecular cytometry.

Profile your sample in the deepest way possible, by analyzing 100+ proteins and the whole transcriptome, cell-by-cell. Talon's founder helped develop and optimize this technology. We bring rigor to this exciting technology.

Talon CAPTURE : Powerful and interpretable informatics.

Ditch the black-box, proprietary, artificial intelligence algorithms.

We offer fast, easy-to-explain, complete, and comprehensive data analysis, built to precisely identify the cell types driving patient differences.

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Talon's Founder

Pratip Chattopadhyay

Pratip K. Chattopadhyay, Ph.D. has a long history developing high parameter, single cell technology.

2004 - First report of 20-parameter flow cytometry

2004 - First report: Quantum Dot Dyes

2005 - Inspired SPICE data analysis software

2005 - Introduced live antigen-specific CD4+ assay

2006 - Co-author LIVE/DEAD Fixable introduction

2008 - 96-plex single-cell qPCR for vaccine studies

2010 - Developed OMIP paper type for flow panels

2010 - Led first CyTOF program at NIH

2012 - First report: Brilliant Dyes for Flow Cytometry

2012 - Co-author, first combinatorics platform for R

2014 - First report of 30-parameter flow cytometry

2016 - First R algorithm for cleaning FCS files

2017 - Co-author CITE-Seq

Click photo for full team bios.

Pratip founded Talon to bring faster, better biomarker discovery to biomedicine.

4 Hilltop Road

Mendham, NJ 07945

Tel: 703-732-6096

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All services will be performed using techniques and approaches in the public domain; all data shown have been published or presented publicly.

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