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Your Partner in Biomarker Discovery 

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Our Founder 

Pratip Chattopadhyay, Phd 

Pratip is the founding Director of NYU Langone Health's Precision Immunology Laboratory (PIL). His laboratory performed independent research in tumor immunology and provided cutting-edge immune monitoring services for a wide variety of biomedical disciplines.


He specializes in high parameter cytometry technologies, including 30-parameter flow cytometry and combined protein/mRNA analysis by RNA sequencing. Today he serves as CEO of Talon Biomarkers, spearheading the effort to provide profound biomarker analysis to the industry. 

nature medicine

24 June 2011

Quantum Dot Technology in Flow Cytometry

The development of quantum dot (QD) technology represents one of the most dramatic advances in flow cytometry history, offering the opportunity of high multiplexed experiments...

nature medicine

25 September 2005

A live-cell assay to detect antigen-specific CD4+ T cells with diverse cytokine profiles

Recently activated, but not resting, CD4+ T cells express CD154, providing costimulatory signals to B cells and antigen-presenting cells (APCs)....

nature methods

31 July 2017

Simultaneous epitope and transcriptome measurements in single cells

We devised a digital, sequencing-based readout for protein levels by conjugating antibodies to oligonucleotides (oligos) that can be captured by oligo-dT primers...

A Discovery Engine built for Precision.

Our platform provides a flexible environment that enables the development of new panels. We take existing panels and redesign them using a range of data science approaches - rules and correlations and powerful bioinformatic tools that we have developed.

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